February 29 - May 12, 2020
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A new history of orthodontics

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ORHTOEVOLUTION is OHI-S's new educational product, which brings together the best lecturers from international congresses and the most important topics of modern orthodontics.
5 lecturers - 5 expert views on current problems in the field of orthodontics and dozens of new tools in your practice.

OrthoEvolution is the next step in the professionalism of an orthodontist dentist.

Marianna Evans

- Received DMD degree and specialty training at the University of Pennsylvania

- Author of numerous lectures on the effect of orthodontics on the respiratory tract

- Creator of the 4D Protocol Morphotropic Orthodontics - an extension protocol with an emphasis on the health of the respiratory tract and periodontal tissue

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Webinar 1: February 29; Webinar 2: March 9

Management of the maxillary impacted canines: 3D guided approach

- Interdisciplinary approach “orthodontist-periodontist” to complex treatment of of the maxillary impacted canines
- Using CBCT to diagnose impacted maxillary canines position
- Risk factors that may compromise periodontal integrity of the exposed canines or adjacent teeth
- Anatomic landmarks critical in planning surgical exposure and orthodontic traction.

- Optimal timing to expose impacted canines
- Most optimal surgical exposure technique
- Most efficient traction mechanics of the exposed canines

Webinar 3: March 13, Webinar 4: TBD

Analysis of the method of maxillary expansion using microimplants from the point of view of the airway and periodontal tissues

- Expansion of the upper jaw in order to eliminate the pathology of respiratory function. Method justification
- Positive aspects of using a temporary skeletal anchorage
- Three - dimensional integrated management of the maxillary hypoplasia using Temporary Anchorage Devices in everyday practice

- Positive aspects of using a temporary skeletal anchorage:
a) adverse periodontal effects
b) control of the expansion of the upper jaw in 3 dimensions
c) eliminates orthopedic forces applied directly to the teeth

Board-certified dual specialist in Orthodontics and Periodontics practicing in greater Philadelphia area.
Received DMD degree and specialty training at the University of Pennsylvania.
Frequently lectures on airway orthodontics, guided facial growth, interdisciplinary care and periodontal plastic surgery.
Co-founder OrthoPerio Institute and recently developed 4D Morphotropic Orthodontics expansion protocol with the focus on airway and periodontal health.

Diego Peydro Herrero

- One of the most famous and experienced world experts in the treatment of aligners

- Developer of protocols for using mini-screws and aligners

- Adheres to the treatment philosophy: “Any case and any malocclusion can be solved with аligners, no matter the complexity”

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Webinar 5: 27 March 2020

Protocols to solve challenging situations to succeed with invisible orthodontics: Vertical malocclusions. Introducing aligners and screws

- Planning the perfect intrusion. Difference between Upper and lower arch
- Open bite treatment: molar intrusion
- Use of aligners and screws to intrude molars

Webinar 7: 16 April 2020

Protocols to solve challenging situations to succeed with invisible orthodontics: Sagittal malocclusions. Strategies to avoid extractions

- Upper molar distalization protocol
- Maximum anchorage using aligners and screws
- Protocols of elastics and sequence of movements

Dr Diego Peydro has a Degree in dentistry from the University of Valencia.
He has obtained the degree as Specialist in Orthodontics and Orthopedics in the Southern Mississippi University Institution.
He has published many articles in International Orthodontic journals. The topic is always about the way he is using Aligners to solve the most complex cases.
"Invisalign Diamond Doctor" , the highest category of Invisalign technique and he is positioned as one of the most expert Doctors in the use of Aligners.
He has developed his own protocols in the use of miniscrews and aligners. Doctors from all over the world travel to his office to learn the way he combines TADS and aligners
His philosophy of treatment and case planning is that "any case and any malocclusion can be solved with Aligners, no matter the complexity.
He is co-director of the International continuing education program in invisible Orthodontics.
He has developed INVIORTHOPRO, the app for IOS devices where doctors can learn his protocols through the app.
Invited as keynote speaker in many countries and Universities, Dr Diego Peydro has taught to thousands of doctors from countries like Russia, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, France, Italy, UK, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Taiwan, USA, Canada.
He is an Advisory Board and Consultant for Ormco Company.

Dias da Silva

- Portuguese Association of Orthodontics Specialists Co-Founder

- A member of The European Orthodontic Society (EOS), World Federation of Orthodontists (WFO), American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) and Society of Dentofacial Orthopedics (SPDOF) member

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Webinar 6: April 14, 2020

Diagnosis and treatment of class II

- Transverse Tomographic Diagnosis: Penn Analysis
- Key factors in diagnosing and establishing a prognosis
- Class II with and without extractions
- Class II in growing patients: how to prognose
- Vertical control and skeletal anchorage
- MARPE and Class II: new frontiers
- Conclusions

A member of The European Orthodontic Society (EOS), World Federation of Orthodontists (WFO), American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) and Society of Dentofacial Orthopedics (SPDOF) member.
Portuguese Association of Orthodontics Specialists Co-Founder.
Author of several articles published on international journals and invited speaker at several international congresses.

Jean Marc Retrouvey

- Full Professor, Department of Orthodontics, UMKC

- Book author “3D Diagnosis in Orthodontics”

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Webinar 8: 21 April 2020

Digital modeling of treatment and determination of desired tooth movements

- Determination of the desired position of the dentition using the facial photographs
- 3D dental casts and cephalometric radiographs
- The three planes of space and axes
- Desired tooth movements
- Simulations of treatment

Webinar 10: 12 May 2020

The most effective biomechanics in orthodontics

- Сorrectly assess the force systems necessary to achieve the desired results
- The most efficient mechanics
- Anchorage requirements
- The need to incorporate micro implants or auxiliaries

Université de Montréal, Montréal QC 1978
Director of the Orthodontic Division at McGill University.
President International Foundation for Dental Education.
Full Professor, Department of Orthodontics, UMKC.
Book author “3D Diagnosis in Orthodontics”.

Sandra Tai

- Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco

- Cured over 2,000 patients with Invisalign clear aligners

- Author of the book “Clear Aligner Technique”, translated into 9 languages

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Webinar 9: May 8, 2020

The Role of Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) in Clear Aligner Technique

• Indications, biomechanics and applications of Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) in Clear Aligner Technique
• Applications of TADs in Clear Aligner Technique for:
- post surgical intermaxillary fixation,
- anterior intrusion to correct maxillary occlusal cant and deep overbite,
- posterior intrusion to correct severe anterior open bite
- create posterior occlusal clearance
- create and molar protraction

Recent innovations in clear aligner technology and the increasingly common usage of temporary anchorage devices (TADs) in complex orthodontic cases have revolutionized treatment planning possibilities for patients requiring comprehensive treatment.

Сurrently a practicing Specialist in Orthodontics in Vancouver, Canada and Clinical Assistant Professor in Orthodontics at the University of British Columbia.
Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco.
Has been an Invisalign certified orthodontist since 2000 and is currently an Invisalign Diamond Plus Provider who has treated over 2,000 cases with Invisalign clear aligners.
A member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Aligner Orthodontics and the author of the textbook “Clear Aligner Technique”. (Quintessence Publishing 2018) which has been translated into 9 languages - English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portugese, Russian, Korean and Chinese.
Fellow of the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia and a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists, Canada.
Professional affiliations include memberships in the Canadian Association of Orthodontists, American Association of Orthodontists and International Dental Federation.
Has lectured extensively on clear aligner technique all over the world. She is one of the pioneer testing doctors on Invisalign with Mandibular Advancement and Invisalign First appliance and is involved in several research projects on clear aligners.


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