June 5-6, 2021 Moscow

Early Orthodontic Treatment: when and how?


Marco Rosa
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Early Orthodontic Treatment: when and how?

The first stage of the mixed dentition could be the ideal time to correct and prevent many malocclusions.

The aim of the course is to show and discuss a ‘new method of early treatment’, based on a detailed diagnosis and carried out using simple / low-tech fixed appliances anchored on deciduous teeth, with no or minimum compliance by the patient.

The overall hypothesis is that it is possible, working on the deciduous teeth, move the permanent one. The molars and incisors ‘spontaneously’ move, self-correct and touch in correct occlusion dictating functional and structural adaptation of the surrounding jaws and TMJ.

The major advantage:

- Predictable results
- No iatrogenic side effects on untouched permanent teeth
- Stability
- No (or minimum) complication
- Ideal cost-benefit ratio
- Simple procedures and biomechanics
- Minimum chair-side working-time
- Reduced second phase of treatment.

Learning objectives:

1. Learn a new method for effective / efficient treatment of the mixed dentition, with little patient cooperation and no risk of damaging permanent teeth.
2. Understand the indications, goals and effective procedures of early treatment.
3. Learn how to avoid stressful and frustrating, time consuming, compliance-dependant, and unsuccessful treatments in the mixed dentition.
4. Learn the methods of interaction between the dentist and a small patient

During the course, the following aspects of treatment during the mixed dentition will be examined:

- Crowding in early mixed dentition;
- Cross bite in early mixed dentition;
- Growth theory;
- Displacement of the lower jaw associated with a cross bite;
- Asymmetry in early mixed dentition;
- Correct treatment time.


Marco Rosa
Marco Rosa graduated as Medical Doctor in 1981 then carried out postgraduate studies first in Dentistry, then in Orthodontics.
Former President and Active Member of the Angle Society of Europe, he is both the European Board and the Italian Board of Orthodontics certified. He works in private practice, limited to Orthodontics, in Trento, Northern Italy and he is visiting professor at Insubria University - Italy.
His primary areas of interest are “Early Treatment: key points and new procedures”, “Space Closure in case of Upper Missing Incisors”, “Ortho-Perio” and “Interdisciplinary Treatment”.
Winner of 2016 Dewel Award, he published and regularly lectures internationally about these topics.
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JUNE 5-6, 2021


Beginning at 9:00


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